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You’re on the UK Rich List - find out where

Find out where you are on the UK Rich List by simply connecting your bank account to the app. Pennyworth automatically calculates your income and wealth and where you appear on the UK Rich List.

Follow this link to download the new app and see your Rich List position.


Welcome to a world of automated money management with Pennyworth. Discover insights about your income and expenses, keep track of your personal wealth and see how you compare with the rest of the UK population. Using data on 31,600,000 UK taxpayers from HMRC and 27,800,000 UK households from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), Pennyworth shows your position on the UK Rich List, by net income and by net wealth.

Control more of your finances by adding more personal accounts and assets. Let our algorithms fill data gaps with estimates based on people like you. Manage your money in one place with the help of Open Banking. All of this, subscription free.


Open Banking was introduced by the Government to help generate more competition to big banks and create new, valuable solutions for the benefit of consumers. It lets you give Pennyworth access to your financial information safely and securely with bank level security.

Follow this link to download the new app. Subscription free.


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