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Our new app is here: It's time for full financial control

We have some exciting release news to share. Follow this link to be one of the first to download the new app subscription free.


Almost everyone faces the same problem of working out how best to manage their money so as to live their best lives. Whether they can afford the goals, lifestyle and retirement they’d dreamt of. The current backdrop of living cost increases due to difficult economic adjustments post covid, only serve to increase this uncertainty.

Only the very wealthiest people get the type of holistic financial planning that is needed to manage this well. Everyone else must make their own plans. Either making the effort to search and assemble their finances from different point-solution providers or making do with a limited range provided by their main bank. The result is a financial value and advice gap.

Our mission at Pennyworth is to solve this by providing holistic personal financial planning in a single app. Because it’s time for full financial control.


With that in mind, this week we launched the most advanced version of our app to date. Pennyworth version 1.7 is the first to provide users with an analysis of their total financial situation.

Total control of your finances: As a market first, you can now see your complete financial statement. Simply download the app, connect your accounts, and Pennyworth will calculate your net disposable income and net wealth. Our AI algorithms will help complete the picture if there are any gaps, using data on people like you.

Smart money management: Get complete oversight of your finances. Discover insights about your income and expenses, keep track of your personal wealth and see how you compare with the rest of the UK population. You can tailor the findings by adding more banking, saving, loan and investment accounts, your properties and other assets. Viewing all your finances in one place with the help of Open Banking.

A plan to reach your goals: Armed with your financial situation, explore your most important goals. This includes guidance on what goals might be relevant to someone like you, how best to go about setting them and deciding which are your most important. Having set your goals, the Pennyworth algorithm calculates a monthly savings plan to reach them.

Follow this link to download the new app.


A lot has already happened at Pennyworth. We’ve completed the application preparations for our UK bank licence. We’ve assembled a skilled crew of staff and advisors, including many that have successfully built banks together before. And we’ve now released our most advanced financial app in stores.

But it’s just the beginning. In the next few months we’ll upgrade our app further with the release of our game-changing financial planning AI. By summer we want to have completed our next raise and received our bank authorisation. And by the end of 2023 we aim to release our first combined financial planning and banking app.

We’re now embarked and underway – and hope you’ll continue to support the Pennyworth mission!


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