Banking for Busy People.

Focus on what’s important to you.
Let us do the financial heavy lifting.

How Pennyworth works

No one likes to bank. You prefer to focus on the things in life that are important to you. Banking should be a tool to help you do just that. Pennyworth helps turn your personal goals into a financial strategy that achieves them. Managing your personal balance sheet with rewarding saving, investing or borrowing solutions. Designed to take the effort and thinking out of managing your finances.

Turn goals

into plans

Pennyworth helps you plan for the things that are most important to you.

Reach goals faster 

Pennyworth helps you reach goals faster with leading rates on borrowing and savings.


Pennyworth takes the effort
out of managing your finances.
  • No need to switch main bank account to benefit. 
  • Set up goals, savings and loans in just a few clicks.
  • Pennyworth keeps track of progress and prompts action.
  • If in doubt, speak with your bank manager in just one click.

Pennyworth is in pre-application to become an authorised bank in the UK. As we are not yet authorised, please do not take any information on this website as an invitation or inducement to apply to us for any services.

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